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Worse, the most tempting woman on earth is right next door Phoebe Churchill's peaceful country life, tending her cottage and rearing her abandoned niece is disrupted when Viscount Farley becomes her new neighbor. Undoubtedly, his powerful build and sensual charm have lured countless women to abandon all reason But when she agrees to help James manage a household growing more riotous daily, she finds herself drawn to the man whose lingering kisses leave her yearning for so much more.

Rexanne Becnel

And before she knows it, a stunning twist of events will lead her toward an impossible task: teaching a notorious heartbreaker the true meaning of love Becnel's follow-up to The Bridemaker is a mild but unusual story of a lord struggling to care for his illegitimate daughters and the country lass who teaches him the difference between duty and love. James Lindford, Viscount Farley, gave little thought to the children he'd fathered during the casual affairs of his youth, but when he discovers one of his daughters living the life of a street urchin, he's determined to bring them home.

The ensuing scandal drives him from London to his country estate and destroys his engagement to his very proper fiancEe. James's children soon disrupt both his household and the sleepy Yorkshire village where Miss Phoebe Churchill is raising her niece, an illegitimate child herself.

Control Freak. Hot and Cold.

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His strict and carefully constructed life is the exact life Juliet left behind. His ideals and goals in achieving the perfect life, with the perfect woman by his side, seem unattainable.

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But can Liam trust himself and overcome the fear of his past repeating itself, and allow himself to feel and take a chance on someone he least expected? I really, really liked this book! And what a roller coaster of emotions this story elicits!

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One minute I wanted to climb Liam like a tree, high-five Juliet, slap Liam, shake Juliet, and then cuddle them both, reassuring them that everything will work itself out. The chemistry between them was provocatively magnetic, and their entire relationship was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. This book was wonderfully penned with equal parts humor, heartache, and passion. Liam Callahan is devastatingly handsome, infuriatingly aloof and… my new boss? After seventeen years Lucy Ann Vargas has come home to claim the only thing she can't buy--the daughter she never met.

To the world she is the legendary model Lucia V But in Waverly, the town she deserted in shame, she's sti Born into a world of savagery and sorrow, Lady Joanna Preston had hidden her chaste, matchless beauty behind hallowed walls--vowing never to love or take any man to husband. Never did she dream that one day a fierce and noble war But everything is not enough.

His wife is threatening divorce. His children are spoiled rotten, And he With glittering amber eyes and hair of gleaming mahogany, the beguiling, nymphlike Lady Rosalynde of Stanwood could entice a man to deeds of reckless daring. And none was so ruthless, bold, or dangerously seductive as Lovely Lacie Montgomery felt a warning chill. Her secret must be kept if sh Coming to claim her was Corbett of Colchester, to whom she'd bee We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB.

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Book List: 27 titles. Blink Of An Eye. Harlequin NEXT - Leaving L. The Payback Club. Old Boyfriends. Harlequin NEXT - 6. The Heartbreaker.

The Heartbreaker

Maker - 4. The Bridemaker. Maker - 3. The Troublemaker.

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Maker - 2. The Matchmaker. Maker - 1.

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